I’m Back!

I’m back. This is just a quick blog post to say that I plan to get back into the blogging habit over the next few months. However, I might try to make my blog posts smaller, as I used to write posts that were 1,200–3,000 words – which is a helluva big chunk of writing (that takes time away from my creative writing) and it’s also a lot for you guys read.

I doubt anyone was checking my blog on a regular basis anyway, but I know a few people popped in every now and again to read my ramblings about writing and reading stories. It’s been a long time since I last wrote a blog post. I took a break from blogging because I was doing a Masters in Creative Writing at The University of Glasgow. The course was very challenging and definitely had its ups and downs for me. But I am very pleased with my final grade and I have a portfolio of short stories I am very happy with. So, overall, I’m glad I did the course; it was a great way to spend a year and I learned a lot. I may write another blog post soon about my masters experience, so keep an eye on this blog over the next month or two.

Over the last year, I have also managed to get a bunch of short stories and lyric essays published in different zines, printed anthologies, and websites. So I’m very pleased to start getting my work out there. If you’re interested, have a nose at my publications page, which lists my biggest publications to date. Also, as I said earlier, I have a portfolio of short stories I wrote during my masters, and I’m confident that it’s my best work, so I’m going to keep it off this website for a while and send it to external publications instead. My only issue is that I write longer short stories than many of the word limits of different lit mags and competitions, so I have some strong material that’s just resting in my hard-drive at the minute. I hope I can find a home for all of it!

I hope this blog post is the first of many, and that I can keep it up for a while. I like blogging, as it forces me to think a little more deeply about writing, and it can be a nice way to maintain that productive feeling when I’m struggling to write creatively.


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  1. Laura Houston says:

    Hey Peter, If I haven’t said it before – please remember me when you are rich and famous! Love your writing! Glad you are back blogging and congrats again on doing so well in your Masters!!

    • Peter McCune says:

      Thank you, Laura. That’s very sweet. However, I think you might be waiting a while for me to become rich and famous. I think you should settle for ‘productive and happy’. Thanks for commenting.

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