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  • The Fire – How to Write and Write and Write

    fireThis post is not intended to be one of those inspirational articles about how we all have a good book in us. I’m just stating something that is patently obvious to me: anyone can write a book—they just have to want it enough that the thought of not doing it frightens them. And I think this applies to many things other than writing. Read more

  • Show and Tell

     Put yourself out there. Give it freely and make it worth their while. Take it graciously, gratefully, and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. No, not that! Get your head out of the gutter. I’m talking about editing! 

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  • Reading Writing About Writing

    I’m sorry about that title. I thought it was funny. But we can all agree that it’s not nearly as funny as it is ugly. Though perhaps it illustrates how bad some writing can be, and that I need to work on my titles. Perhaps there’s a book that could help me write better titles…


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  • My Favourite Writers

    As a first blog post, I thought that talking about my favourite authors might be the best start. I think you can judge a lot about someone by the books they like. Asking most people what their favourite book is can be a difficult question for them to answer. I’m no different. If I say one of my favourites is better than another, I immediately feel like an arse and I back pedal to make both books equal. So, instead of numbering off the books from one to ten, I’m just going to discuss five of my favourite authors. I’m sorry to any authors that aren’t on this post, but you probably aren’t reading thisand you may even be dead.

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